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Fresh approach to solving problems

Dubai-based Priti shares her McKinsey story and encourages students and experienced professionals to join her for WomenHack this year. Applications are open until March 31.

Tell us about yourself

I am Priti and I’m an expert associate partner in Dubai. I started my career at Teradata 15 years ago in IT (big data of that time :-) ) and my love for data and analytics only grew. My life’s motto is “Whatever you do, do it well” and I’m a caring, resilient people leader. I combine my IT experience with data analytics and business acumen for insurance clients.

Why did you decide for a career in consulting vs. industry?

I moved to the US in 2010 and started working with insurance companies in information management. When I was pregnant with my second son, I wanted to venture into data science and decided to do college again. After that, with my experience in data, insurance, and analytics, I joined McKinsey as an analytics engagement manager with specialisation in insurance. A couple years ago, I wanted to try out a different geography and the firm was supportive of me moving to Dubai.

What is your role about?

I help solve business problems in insurance related to distribution, pricing, and claims using advanced analytics techniques and big data. I’ve worked across US, Mexico, India, Europe and Middle East for top insurance players. I’ve helped property and casualty and life insurers build their analytics capabilities and become data-driven and, along the way, I’ve made friends around the firm and with my clients.

Tell us about your favourite technical work at McKinsey

I’m thankful to McKinsey for the global opportunity to work with multiple insurers in analytics topics. My favourite one was reimagining underwriting and pricing using new AI technology. It was a tough project as actuaries are used to doing things in safe, traditional ways and it takes a lot of resilience and confidence to experiment and try something new. To become truly data-driven, it’s very important to shift mindsets and overcome cultural barriers.

What will you look into when evaluating solutions at the upcoming WomenHack event?

I’d like to see a fresh approach to solving problems with focus in delivering value in an agile way. We look for both experienced professionals or students passionate about data science and interested to solve challenging problems.

What would advise to prepare for this challenge?

My best advice is to take advantage of every opportunity to connect with people in the Hackathon and build a network. If you are working with someone and they’re working on things that interest you, ask questions. Take advantage of what’s in front of you. The opportunities are there, and everyone wants you to succeed.

If you are interested in meeting Priti and other technologists at McKinsey, apply to WomenHack by March 31.

Apply to WomenHack