Changing the world, one client at a time

After seven years in the UK, I joined McKinsey Energy Insights in Singapore as an analyst, and I am now a sustainability fellow in McKinsey’s Global Sustainability practice.

I joined McKinsey to make a positive impact on the environment and lead energy transition in Asia. It might be a lofty goal for one person, but at McKinsey you have opportunities to do just that by sharing knowledge on sustainability, contributing to global initiatives, such as the Hydrogen Council, and helping decarbonize the operations of our clients.

I believe wholeheartedly we can change the world, one client at a time.

Why consulting is right for me

Changing the world, one client at a time
Changing the world, one client at a time

Every day in consulting is exciting because I learn something new and have a direct impact on decarbonization of sectors and whole countries. The best part about consulting is working with the best people on my teams and with clients, all driving toward the best, highest impact answer together.

Sustainability can be uncharted territory for clients, and we help them to navigate the uncertainties. For example, I worked with a South-East Asian government on their net zero pathway, which is a crucial component. In just nine weeks, I helped decision-makers understand their options, opportunities, and trade-offs as they chart a path toward this milestone.

Representing McKinsey at One Young World 2021

I was one of 11 representatives selected globally to represent McKinsey at One Young World 2021, where about 1,800 young leaders from 190 countries convened to accelerate social impact.

I met a global network of young leaders and mentors to collaborate with and crowdsource on green initiative ideas. I was inspired by speakers, such as Ilka Horstmeier from BMW, Angela Hwang from Pfizer, and other global leaders. In particular, I enjoyed BP CEO Bernard Looney’s message that both governments and companies must sit at the table to resolve the climate crisis.

Leading Singapore’s largest Green Team Event

Changing the world, one client at a time
Changing the world, one client at a time

As part of McKinsey’s global “100 Trees 100 Cities” initiative this year, I led McKinsey Singapore’s largest Green Team event, mobilizing dozens of volunteers and successfully raising more than US$22,000 from 47 donors to plant 100 trees.

Colleagues and their family members trekked to Coney Island in Singapore to plant 30+ trees in a day. Together, we restored natural ecosystems and biodiversity and supported Singapore’s One Million Trees movement. I hope to host a second planting in 2022.

Giving back through mentorship and coaching

To give back and inspire new generations of green consultants, I mentored students from London to strategize about the B2B market entry for Furthr, a British B2C carbon offsetting provider. In South-East Asia, I also supported a recycled plastics furniture start-up created by students from the University of Laos, as part of the Mekong Business Challenge, and organized by McKinsey.

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More about Nicole

Nicole holds a bachelor’s degree in economics and a master’s in environmental economics and climate change from the London School of Economics and Political Science. Prior to McKinsey, Nicole was an energy M&A analyst at Stirling Infrastructure Partners in the UK.

Outside of work, Nicole enjoys singing, visiting museums, traveling (pre COVID-19), especially to Japan.

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