My McKinsey time: Nicole

What are you doing now?

I work at Personetics, a FinTech company that helps bank customers better manage their financial lives. I lead the company’s retail, small business and bank agents lines of business.


What do you miss most about your business analyst (BA) days?

The deep and broad network of experts on every imaginable subject. My company is comprised mostly of developers, so I end up doing a lot more experimentation in the field. I miss being surrounded by passionate, team–oriented colleagues who genuinely seek to do what is best for their clients. It’s such a special thing –something I took for granted while at McKinsey.

What do you miss the least?

The common answer is probably the lifestyle, but the reality is, most of us will always have demanding jobs. So, I’ll say the consulting jargon. I live in Tel Aviv now, and the people here are direct and to the point. They strip away all the pleasantries and tell you what they think. It’s refreshing.

What skills did you learn as BA that still help you today?

At McKinsey, I worked in many industries and functions with different clients. I learned how to adapt my style and forge relationships with all types of people. This ability has been a critical in my current job because no one has a background or skillset like mine. Through teamwork, I’ve helped my company build and deploy cutting–edge customer engagement initiatives at leading retail banks around the world.

What has your class done recently to stay in touch?

Living abroad has made it harder to stay in touch with my class. Luckily, Tel Aviv is bustling with visitors for work, weddings, and vacations, so I see people when they’re here.

What experience from your BA time makes you smile?

I spent a lot of time working in financial services with a powerhouse team led by Ida Pagter Kristensen, Merlina Manocaran, Xiao Linda Liu and others. People walking by our team room would always stop when they realized it was an all-female financial services team. But really, why not?

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