Performing at my best

McKinsey pushes me to do my best every day. When I work on a project with teammates who are my mentors and friends too, I’m extra inspired to make sure my work is excellent. We care about each other and our clients. That’s the magic of this job: it is not about being competitive but about being surrounded by amazing people who help you rise to any challenge.

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One of my biggest strengths I bring to my teams is my energy. I’m a happy, positive person, and I start my days full of energy and a willingness to work hard. A good attitude and chemistry in a team results in more productive hours and the ability to go beyond everyone’s expectations.

To make sure I can be at my best at work, I train every morning as an open water swimmer. On every project, my team members have given me the flexibility I need to keep my morning training schedule. I love how this is possible because it helps me push myself further.

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