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Monica Calvo
Monica Calvo

Choosing McKinsey

I am a capabilities and insights (C&I) analyst within our Strategy & Corporate Finance practice. Along five of my colleagues, in 2022 we became the first members of the new Client Capabilities Network hub in Lisbon within the Strategy & Corporate Finance Practice. Our role is to empower other teams with financial and strategy analysis. This work can then be leveraged to lead client discussions.

I had heard a lot about McKinsey and consulting prior to applying, but having a background more focused on finance, I did not think it was the right place for me. When I came across the opportunity in Lisbon, it surprised me to see there were a lot of essential functions that were both client related and firm functioning related. After careful analysis of the job description and the practice, I got really excited about the potential of being part of the Client Capabilities Network. Indeed, it would allow me to leverage my previous experience while learning new skills and enhancing my expertise in both finance and strategy.

A firm that aligns to my values

The many trainings offered by the firm benefit my work and I feel genuinely valued that McKinsey is investing so much time and resources to make sure we are truly ready for our roles. What excites me the most about the Strategy & Corporate Finance Practice is that it is cross-sectoral and global, meaning we have full exposure to all kinds of clients, projects, and requests.

Being a member of this team allows me to feel like I am on the front lines of the firm. It is also essential for me that whatever company I work for is invested in societal and environmental issues. McKinsey shares values similar with mine, and has a strong focus on inclusion and women empowerment. For example, the firm organizes many women’s events and has women’s mentorship opportunities.

Supporting learning and development

The first skills I developed at McKinsey were hard skills. In my case, this meant learning how to calculate return on invested capital, facilitating sharp valuations and creating strategy plans. The second type of skills I developed within the firm were my soft skills. For example, how to communicate and work with people from different backgrounds, adaptability, resilience and how to help other colleagues or team to understand our analysis.

At McKinsey, you will be able to follow your passions, whatever they are. There is a place for everyone - and you will find a countless number of resources to help you achieve your goals such as online learnings, mentors and many more.

Feeling welcome from the start

The recruiting atmosphere was really welcoming, and I felt really supported by the recruiter I was in contact with. We had calls to make sure I completely understood the process and the position. What I also really appreciated was that the interviews were designed to test my knowledge and thinking capacity but not to trick me. The interviewers took time to make sure I grasped the firm’s culture, values, way of working and more. It amazed me that interviewers are not only there to test you, but really help you get as far as possible in the process.

The firm and the HR team gave me all the support I needed even before my arrival, making sure I had all my equipment and schedule before my first day. The initial training days were organized in a way that we were never left on our own. We had sessions addressing local HR matters and rules, and we had key people welcome us and explain how the firm works. Despite starting amidst the pandemic, I felt valued from the very beginning and felt the firm was giving me all the tools I needed to make the best of the years to come and focus on my role.

Monica’s advice

Try to understand how the firm works. Prepare for the interviews with the material given by HR and what we provide on our website, but don’t forget to stay true to who you are as a person and as a professional. McKinsey is an amazing place where you will be able to gain expertise and all kinds of exposure, meet exciting people and be able to follow your own path.

Outside of work

McKinsey corresponds exactly to my personality type – it is a truly international place. I love to discover new cultures and meet people from various countries. I am French, and born to Cuban-Argentinian parents. I have lived in Buenos Aires, London, Singapore, Sao Paulo, and now Lisbon. As it happens, I moved to Portugal to embrace this new opportunity, so this is a new challenge for me. This multicultural background really helps me in my day-to-day work—we connect with people from India, Costa Rica, the United States and many other countries.

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