Not intimidated by ambiguity

What are you doing now?

I started my MBA at Harvard Business School this fall.

After McKinsey, I joined an early stage fintech startup in New York, in a role focused on growth and business development. Then, I transitioned to Uber to launch Uber Eats in the Northeast region. I spent the last three years working on Uber Eats in various capacities, most recently leading the B2B Restaurant Experience team for the US & Canada. Working in fast–paced, ever–changing tech startups helped me realize the value of the decision–making frameworks I learned at McKinsey.

I spent the summer prior to business school working in venture capital, then moved to Boston to start classes.

What do you miss most about your days as a business analyst (BA) at McKinsey?

Everyone says this, but the people. I loved my fellow BAs and my teams. McKinsey people are incredibly bright, funny, kind, and talented.


What skills that you learned as BA do you still use?

The ability to walk into a new situation and quickly assess what needs to be done. Whether I’m working with a new group of people, moving into new content areas, or tackling some other new challenge, my McKinsey problem solving skills give me the confidence to adapt without being intimidated by ambiguity. I have used that skill in every role I’ve had since McKinsey, and I’m using it as a student.

What has your BA class done recently to stay in touch?

We see each other at weddings and meet for dim sum. There are quite a few people from my BA class at HBS. It is such a great support network; I lean on my BA friend for advice on school, work, and my personal life.

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