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Beyond borders with McKinsey

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McKinsey is a global firm, not just because we have offices across the world, but also because we can instantly connect to amazing people anywhere in the world.

Originally, I was not sure how much impact I could make as a fresh graduate from college. There is so much support here at McKinsey, however, I did not need to worry. People love working together and helping each other, whether by jumping on a call, sharing insightful articles, or joining client discussions in–person.

Inlie mihol

The best part of McKinsey is that people are not only focused on firm growth, but also on individuals’ growth. For instance, when I shared my interests in transferring to the US, the office manager of the New Jersey location, whom I worked with before, immediately offered me an opportunity. Two months later, I was sitting in New Jersey, with a new office badge, working on an exciting client engagement. This culture of global support makes me excited to go to work every single day.

If you’re interested in learning more about opportunities within McKinsey, please consider joining me for our upcoming reception in New York.

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