A senior partner relishes non-stop growth at McKinsey

I grew up in Italy and went to school at the Università degli Studi di Milano. I also attended the University of Texas in the US. Throughout my studies, I earned my master’s in biotechnology, a PhD in pathology, and an MBA.

I spent about six years of my professional life in the US and another six years in Belgium, gaining experience in biotechnology research and commercialization. I’ve now been a part of McKinsey Japan since 2013.

My role at the firm

I’m a member of the global leadership team of McKinsey’s global Life Sciences practice. I help biopharma and medical technology companies develop and commercialize new products, build their presence across Asia, and grow their revenue.

For example, one of my most memorable projects was helping two iconic Japanese companies enter the medical field by deploying their technologies and capabilities to specific market segments, developing, or acquiring innovative new products, and establishing cross-industry partnerships.

Why I choose to stay at McKinsey

Every week, I spend time with amazing people who are shaping their respective arena. Because of the firm’s standing and reputation, we meet industry and social leaders, innovators, and policy makers to engage with on their most pressing issues.

For example, last week, I met three founders/leaders of innovative Indian biopharma and services companies, two Japanese CEOs, the CEO of an innovative Singaporean healthtech innovator, and two US-based investors.

Despite being in the room with these industry movers and shakers, the best part for me is being surrounded by amazing colleagues from around the world. Both our clients and my colleagues inspire me, lift me up, and bring out the best in me.

Continuing to grow and learn

Once you reach certain levels in your career, it can often feel like the learning stops, but in my role, I am constantly learning and stretching my knowledge.

Staying ahead of industry innovation and trends, especially in life sciences, is fascinating. I have access to a constant flow of new ideas from science, organizational models, commercial models, and beyond. The firm is innovative and moving to shape our profession for the next century. I am engaged on both fronts, and it expands my expertise and keeps me curious.

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More about me

Outside of work, I love to be with family and friends, exploring new places. On the weekends, I spend as much time as possible outdoors and being active, and I also have a long list of restaurants I want to try!

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