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McKinsey will always have my back

Read how Melvin got to G20 Youth Summit with McKinsey’s help.

My parents taught me to do my best work and try to make a positive difference in life. After I joined McKinsey in 2017, I found an opportunity to give back to my home country. I wanted to become the official delegate of the Republic of Indonesia for the G20 Youth Summit in Germany, hosted by Chancellor Angela Merkel. But I was worried. Would McKinsey see this is as relevant to my professional development? Would the firm support me in this undertaking?

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I applied and went through the selection process with more than 1,200 candidates. In early May 2017, I got the email I’d been hoping for –I was selected! I shared the good news with the leadership of the Jakarta office and they were even more excited than I was. Everyone in the office gave me their full support They gave me time off to get ready and .several colleagues spent time helping me prepare.

This experience proved McKinsey wants me to continue developing, no matter whether growth opportunities come inside or outside the firm. I am convinced as I continue to develop myself, the firm will always have my back.

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