Receiving a crash course the McKinsey way

I joined the firm about two years ago as a business analyst in Hanoi, and I get to work with clients across different countries and industries. I help them develop the vision for their development, conduct market research, interview industry experts for insights, and create proposals to meet their business goals.

My experience with the Consulting Fellowship Program

Receiving a crash course the McKinsey way
Receiving a crash course the McKinsey way

I credit the Consulting Fellowship Program, which is a weekend retreat for promising students and new graduates, for preparing me for my role here. The program shaped my perspective of McKinsey as a culture that supports growth and learning and the format of the two-day immersion really showed me how McKinsey creates impact and what career development looks like.

My most memorable training was the seven-step problem solving, where I learned a structured approach to problem solving for the first time, and then applied the knowledge in my case interviews. I also applied the learnings to mock interview sessions with McKinsey facilitators and received valuable constructive feedback about shaping my answers and presence for the interviews.

The program maintained a good balance between work and fun, so I always felt comfortable. The scavenger hunt around Bangkok was especially memorable and provided a lovely way to learn more about fellows and make new friends.

My advice to people interested in the Consulting Fellowship Program

Receiving a crash course the McKinsey way
Receiving a crash course the McKinsey way

Be yourself and have fun. Consider it an opportunity to get to know McKinsey, and let McKinsey know more about you. You may also end up making some life-long friends.

What I value most about McKinsey

I work with the best people, who have taught me so much since my first day. Everyone has their own strengths, and leadership encourages all of us to bring our own perspectives during problem solving. I am continually amazed by the knowledge and insights of both senior and junior colleagues.

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More about me

I recently took part in the Women Academy Initiative to organize training courses for women entrepreneurs in Vietnam. I was excited to support fellow women leaders in the country and help them think through a platform for their career development.

Whenever I have free time, I love to travel (pre COVID-19). I’m also an amateur cook who is passionate about learning traditional Vietnamese recipes. I can spend hours watching therapeutic YouTube cooking videos. I hope to come up with my own secret recipe and open a café someday.

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