High hopes after the McKinsey-IncepTech acquisition

I studied computer science and engineering at university, and after graduation immediately went into jobs in programming and architecture.

I was introduced to the consulting world when I joined IncepTech 5 years ago, a small start-up created by McKinsey alumni. So even though I was hired as an engineer, we had a strong consulting focus from the beginning. Back then, I didn’t equate the name “McKinsey” with engineering career opportunities, like I did when people mentioned companies like Microsoft or Spotify.

IncepTech collaborated with McKinsey over the years, and I experienced the firm's ability to reform the way they approach tech projects. By the time IncepTech was acquired by McKinsey, the digital direction of the firm had visibly transformed. On top of that, McKinsey Digital brings this worldwide presence with it that you can’t get in many places. I am most excited about being able to work on solutions with a global impact and seeing where McKinsey can take my career.

My role at the firm

Marton Vincze
Marton Vincze

I am a tech lead, mainly working on digital transformations, I am responsible for the digital offering McKinsey brings to the client studies. I'm involved from specifying and estimating the project scope, to leading and executing the delivery of a digital solution.

Depending on the project, I may work with the client’s technology team, or we may bring our own team to the project. In both cases, my role is to guide the tech team to find what to focus on and lead them to success. I am relatively hands-on, so although I don't write code daily, I will step in and do it when necessary.

Choosing work that challenges me

Marton Vincze
Marton Vincze

At McKinsey, you can shape your own path and can work within a specific industry or on specific types of solutions. I am not limited to any one industry, and I like it that way. I tend to choose projects where there is an interesting challenge for me.

For example, for both of the projects I am working on now, the team reached out and told me there was a critical and urgent issue to solve, and asked if I could help come up with solutions. When that happens and it sounds like a meaty problem I can solve, I will dive in, and play investigator to get to the root of the issue.

It’s an opportunity to address real-world issues that are directly related to a project’s momentum or chance for success. I can step in and figure out what is causing the disconnect. That could range from the tech stack in use to simply improving communication channels and frequency with the client. Reshaping an engagement is not about quick wins or loud successes and might take a while to get to the point we can be proud of, but looking back on the journey is always satisfying.

My appreciation for the Budapest Studio culture

Marton Vincze
Marton Vincze

I think what is the most special about this office is our highly collaborative culture. At McKinsey’s Budapest Digital Studio we understand what we can expect from each other, so there is mutual respect and trust that I find rewarding.

I come from a tech background, where software engineers often work together in less diverse teams. I wholeheartedly appreciate working with talented people who own a very different skillset to mine. Here, and now on a larger scale at McKinsey, you can find colleagues - both on the business management and tech side - to help you develop and grow in your career.

I also appreciate the working environment in general. The office is jaw-dropping (at least for me), comfortable, and all activities - like crossfit training as a team - help me to get the most of my day.

More about me

I enjoy hiking, I like computer and board games, I am also into tabletop role-playing therefore I participate in our gaming club we have here in the office. I used to play the oboe for 10 years. Additionally, McKinsey has opened me up to traveling, and I look forward to seeing other parts of the world, both as part of my professional work and for fun.

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