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McKinsey is special for three reasons: its global factor, the opportunity to make a difference wherever you are, and the culture of fellowship.

The firm is handled as if it were a single office. It’s truly global with people from around the world working together to create value. The contact you have with different cultures makes McKinsey a very enriching, dynamic and fun experience–in Panama we have more than 12 nationalities in an office of less than 40 people. And the most fascinating aspect of it, is that it seems like nothing is lost in translation at McKinsey: people from all around the world speak one same language.

Beyond the global aspect, McKinsey offers you the opportunity to explore and learn from a wide range of industries and organizations in different countries. If you are uncertain about what you want to do from a professional standpoint, the experience makes it easier to reach a conclusion.


But more than this, the most special thing about working at McKinsey is the fellowship and support you receive from everyone. I remember vividly how, throughout my application process, everyone I talked to at the firm selflessly helped me prepare for interviews. I’m talking about getting support from people who had never heard my name before, but who were willing to wake up on a Monday at 7 am to conduct a mock interview for me.

This fellowship I now live it every day, from my engagement team members who are willing to stay one more hour of their day to teach me how to use Alteryx, an advanced analytics program, to associate partners advising me on how to be successful on my first project.

It is very encouraging to know that you are in a place where people around you genuinely want to see you learn and rise. You feel part of a family.

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