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Better outcomes with diverse teams

Lucyna, a digital associate in Warsaw, enjoys collaborative problem-solving with diverse teams.

Before McKinsey

A mathematician by education, I worked in IT and technology for more than 14 years before I joined McKinsey. I audited IT systems, managed software releases, coordinated complex projects and software delivery, supported system implementations, and built digital attackers. On top of that, I provided methodical support for companies building agile delivery models, updating their project and portfolio management framework, and optimizing their software development life cycles. I joined McKinsey because I enjoy the fast pace and complexity of projects, learning new skills and meeting people.

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Best teams

One of the most important parts of working at McKinsey is the collaborative problem-solving to develop the best solutions with our clients. My teammates are exceptionally smart and open-minded, which make our conversations constructive and efficient so we can spend more time finding solutions and less time explaining the problem at hand.

For example, on a recent engagement, we were figuring out how to increase efficiency on the client’s team so they could deliver the product earlier. Our task was to identify problems and risks, and fix them so work could be delivered without interruptions. Each colleague had many ideas, ranging from timeboxing meetings to simplifying interactions and agreeing on the scope of the meetings before jumping in. Those different ideas came from our different backgrounds and experiences as PhD students, architects, engineers, chemists, and mathematicians.

I’ve learned a lot through my McKinsey teammates outside of work, too. I thought I had a solid knowledge about sustainability, but my teammates showed me multiple new dimensions. Thanks to them, I use bikes more often, limit meat in my diet, avoid plastic, and explore possibilities to buy secondhand items.

Balancing my life

I’m a working mom and I try to keep my projects in my hometown of Warsaw. On weekdays, my daughter and I wake up early and get her ready for the kindergarten which is luckily located only five minutes away from our flat. Due to COVID restrictions I work at clients’ offices twice a week to foster cooperation and limit the risk of spreading. On these days, I drop my daughter off at school and take a quick taxi ride to the office, and I’m there before 9:00 am. Through the rest of the week I work from home.

Cooperating with clients and colleagues inspires and excites me, which makes my days fly quickly. On the days I’m working from the clients’ office, I’m back home by 6:00 pm to spend quality time with my daughter. In the summer months, you’ll find us in the sandbox or enjoying a huge serving of organic ice cream. After three bedtime stories, my four-year-old is falling asleep, and sometimes I’m back with my work for a bit, focusing on projects that require conceptual thinking or more advanced research. When I need help or advice, I use the time I have with a fellow consultant who helps me find my way as a mother and an experienced hire at the firm.

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About Lucyna

Lucyna is a digital associate based in Warsaw. Lucyna graduated from Warsaw University of Technology and she holds a master’s degree in mathematics. She completed postgraduate studies in project management at Warsaw University of Technology. Lucyna has more than ten years of experience in consulting, project management and complex IT solution delivery and more than eight years of experience managing geographically dispersed teams delivering high-quality solutions to customers.