Motivated by colleagues and learning opportunities

I received my undergraduate degree from Emory University in the US, and then went on to get my master’s in management from Peking University in China. During the COVID pandemic in 2021, I returned to Vietnam and started my first job as a product owner, specializing in electronic wallet technology.

I had a foundation of business knowledge and was rapidly acquiring technical skills. Still, I wanted to explore a wide range of industries, functions, and geographies to identify my strong suit. Given my experience living across the globe and diverse background, I also wanted to work for a global firm. So, when a McKinsey recruiter contacted me, I applied and was offered a position. I joined the McKinsey Ho Chi Minh office in the spring of 2022.

Connecting with inspiring women in tech

McKinsey is a highly diverse and inclusive firm. I am surrounded by female colleagues who set astounding examples for working women, especially in the tech field. They share stories of how the firm supported them at their most difficult moments and how McKinsey leadership is paving the way for them to develop and grow.

I am also experiencing firsthand the power of working with gender-diverse teams and what it means to support one another. I collaborate with a team that spreads across four different time zones, and we focus not just on optimizing outcomes but on team members’ well-being too.

Celebrating growth and development

McKinsey prioritizes learning and invests significantly in upskilling colleagues. I have never been more driven to learn, and in just the past three months, I have acquired four technical certificates. My leaders also place me in diverse projects with vastly different products, and it motivates me to learn new skills and practice skillsets I didn't know I have, such as public speaking, influencing skills, counselling, and managing people.

Outstanding training and mentorship have opened a new horizon and made me more confident about my professional journey.

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