Excited to come to work

I joined McKinsey Implementation because I am passionate about coaching people and helping them achieve their goals. As a consultant, I’ve supported clients as they change their organizational cultures, helped people get excited about coming to work, and given frontline workers a voice.


Finding my passion

Prior to joining McKinsey, I worked for eight years in the US Navy; I specialized in nuclear reactor operations and maintenances on aircraft carriers. After serving on a ship for about five years, I transitioned to a support role where I analyzed technical problems from an office in Washington, DC. While it was intellectually stimulating, I discovered that my true drive is working with people to change an organization from the inside.

Making a difference

In my first year at McKinsey, I did just that with clients at all levels of their organizations. I helped senior leaders create and implement maintenance strategies. I worked with a junior miner to develop his plan to become a mechanic, thinking through the skills he needed to develop, strengths he needed to highlight, and network he needed to build. I fed my passion for helping people.

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My best work

Here’s another example from one of my favorite engagements. I was serving a mining client, helping the company increase equipment reliability during an overall maintenance transformation. At the start of the project, workers did not know what a good day at work looked like. They lacked many of the tools they needed to complete their jobs and felt management “didn’t listen to their recommendations.” To address the equipment reliability, I helped managers pinpoint breakdowns in the current maintenance program and I worked with the maintenance team to better train employees on the processes and best practice procedures. We implemented shift huddles to review equipment status, job assignments, and lessons learned, creating a culture of continuous improvement. The combination of these daily meetings and the more robust maintenance strategy improved the organization’s bottom line, revamped its culture, and gave the crew renewed faith in their leaders. It empowered the frontline employees to make their company a better place to work. It was some of the most motivating work I’ve ever done.

What’s next

I can’t wait to see where this McKinsey journey takes me. There are so many people I can help through my role. It makes me excited to come to work every day, too.
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More about me

I have a BS in mechanical engineering from the United States Naval Academy. I served in the Navy for eight years and specialized in nuclear reactor maintenance and operations. Outside of work, I love being active. I’m training for a marathon and taking regular spin classes. This level of exercise is completely necessary, so I can also eat my way through NYC’s amazing restaurants during date nights with my husband. I also love expressing my creative side through sewing and cooking.

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