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Diversity is a core value

STEM recruiter and GLAMmie, Ivan, was part of the organising committee of our first Proud Leaders event. Learn why he is happy to work at an organization like McKinsey.

Join us in Amsterdam 3–4 April and meet our LGBTQ+ colleagues and allies from the Nordics and BeNeLux, build on your strengths, refine your presentations skills, network and find out more about McKinsey's many career opportunities. All students and professionals, who identify as LGBTQ+ please apply by 8 March here.

I joined McKinsey Amsterdam in May 2017, as a senior STEM recruiter. Coming from Google and Facebook, I was used to working in an open culture. I didn’t know what to expect from McKinsey, but I was positively pleased to see diversity was a core value of the company. From the very beginning, I felt welcomed and encouraged to be myself. Colleagues were kind, open, and curious to learn about my professional experience, and wanted to get to know me as a person. Being gay wasn’t something I had to hide or needed to feel uncomfortable about when asked what I did on the weekends or if I was seeing someone. I could be myself and focus on my work without fear that my sexual orientation could endanger my professional success at work.

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I joined the GLAM community in my first weeks at the firm, which allowed me to meet other Amsterdam GLAMmies and participate in gatherings for our Benelux and Scandinavian members. Via GLAM I met people who became good friends and mentors at McKinsey. Last year I co–organized the first Proud Leaders event for our northern offices. It’s great that we’re going to organize it again this year for this region and I’m excited this initiative is growing, including a Proud Leaders event planned in central Europe, where I am originally from.

In my role, I get to travel and visit other offices often, and when I have time, I email local members and ask if they’re free for coffee or lunch. Being one firm connects us and being part of GLAM connects us even more.

GLAMmie and recruiter Ivan encourages students and professionals, who identify as LGBTQ+ to apply by 8 March here.

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