Having a positive impact

Imogen in the English countryside
Imogen in the English countryside

When I applied for McKinsey’s 2018 Women in Leadership Scholarship, I didn’t fully understand what the firm or management consultants really did. I’d read about work McKinsey had done in universal health coverage in low- and middle-income countries, which sparked my interest. I’ve always been passionate about health equity, and couldn’t think of any more meaningful work.

My internship experience

I was fortunate to receive McKinsey’s scholarship, which I used to take time out of my medical studies and intern on a major healthcare transformation. I supported teams of clinical leaders as they drove evidence-based changes to improve healthcare delivery in Australia.

Since returning to McKinsey full-time this year, I’ve continued to predominantly serve public and social sector clients. It has been immensely rewarding to help clients navigate challenges posed by COVID-19 like supply chain pressures, economic uncertainty, and adapting to teleworking and achieve positive outcomes.

From doctor to business analyst

People often comment that transitioning from junior doctor to McKinsey analyst must be a big jump, but it never felt that way for me. Of course, my work day looks different now, but things I find most rewarding about McKinsey also drew me to medicine: working with talented and diverse teams, solving complex real-world problems, and having a positive impact on the lives of others.

Imogen in New Zealand
Imogen in New Zealand

Working at McKinsey has also made me a better doctor. I’ve gained a far greater appreciation of the many moving parts within our healthcare system and the barriers patients face when navigating them. I better understand the impact of non-medical factors on access to care and eventual health outcomes. I’m privileged to work in an environment where my holistic development is central to my firm’s  mission, and I’m continually given new opportunities to grow.

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