Bringing my whole self to make a big difference

During my undergraduate studies in immunology and bioethics, I came to appreciate healthcare as a complex and fascinating intersection between science, technology, business, and humanity. I wanted to pursue a career that would challenge me to tackle interdisciplinary problems and provide me with steep learning curves and opportunities to grow. McKinsey appealed to me as an energizing, inclusive, and supportive environment in which I could try different things and chart my own path.

Making a difference during COVID-19

Bringing my whole self to make a big difference
Bringing my whole self to make a big difference

Earlier this year, I was involved in a supply chain transformation to improve patient access to a life-saving medical product that was particularly challenging to get during the pandemic. We worked closely with the client team to build their data analytics capabilities to enable rapid, robust decision-making that would address short and long-term demand and supply imbalances.

I was inspired by the significant improvement to patient outcomes we made in just a matter of months. Working with my team, firm experts, and client leaders to develop a creative solution for this challenge was a special experience because it made a difference in the number of lives that could be saved.

Support to succeed

From supporting a medical product supplier through a supply chain transformation to designing leadership programs for non-profits, I have worked with diverse teams to solve some of the world’s toughest challenges. At the firm, I have extraordinary support from my colleagues to bring my whole self to every discussion. McKinsey’s positive culture has helped me be entirely unafraid to share my perspectives and ideas on unfamiliar topics, even if I might be wrong. This special environment has taught to me to find my confidence and pushed me to develop and grow over a short period of time, more than I ever would have elsewhere.

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More about Henri

Henri is a business analyst in Melbourne. She holds a bachelor’s degree in biomedical science from the University of Melbourne. Her work at McKinsey focuses on social, healthcare and public entities, and she serves foundations, nonprofits and governments. Outside of work, Henri is a keen runner and hiker. Earlier this year, she competed in her first marathon, then travelled to the Northern Territory where she spent six days hiking the Lara Pinta trail with some close friends. She is planning her next adventure to run the Tour du Mont Blanc in Europe.

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