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My McKinsey time – Hannah

Hannah went back to school for an MBA at LBS.

What are you doing now?

I am a second-year MBA student at London Business School, where I spend my time studying, meeting new friends, travelling, and enjoying great and accessible cultural institutions in London. I’m making the most of student discounts and free museums.

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What do you miss most about being a business analyst at McKinsey?

I miss the Pharmaceutical & Medical Products community, in which I frequently worked. I learned so much about healthcare, did very interesting knowledge development work (check out, and found my home in the firm.

What do you miss least?

The stale smell of airplane air on Monday mornings.

What skills did you learn that you still use now?

The ability to break down a big problem into smaller ones and prioritize which to solve first helps me almost every day. Some of my closest friends at business school are also McKinsey alumni, and we don’t hesitate to use our problem-solving approaches in any context.

What experience still makes you smile?

I worked on a large global integration with several colleagues from the Swiss office. After months of communicating by email and phone, we met in person for a big summit and had an unforgettable time in Chicago.

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