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Why I wanted to join McKinsey’s Client Capabilities Network

My pathway to McKinsey

Federica Falcucci
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I joined McKinsey in September 2021 as a junior capabilities and insights (C&I) analyst intern. Being part of the Client Capabilities Network (CCN) in Italy, my role is to provide insights and support to consulting colleagues and clients with a focus on financial institutions, such as banking and insurance. Daily, I handle research questions related to the field, leveraging databases and other research tools, analyzing data and relevant industry specific or macro trends to produce insightful outputs, including reports, charts, and data. I also work with other colleagues on the Italy CCN team on industry outlook reports.

When I applied to join McKinsey, I was still finishing the second year of my master’s in finance. I had already completed my bachelor’s degree in economics and finance and had some brief work experience in investment banking. When I saw the job posted at my university, I thought it was a good opportunity to be able to work with both financial data and models, and to gain experience working with both clients and colleagues. Specifically, I was looking for a challenge and a place where my learning curve could not be flattened, where weight is given to the relational aspect and a collaborative environment.

Fast-paced, innovation-driven team work

There are two aspects that keep me excited about my role. First, it is a really challenging environment. Many days, you start off working on a task you don't think you can complete and end up not only completing it but also learning something new. Also, you are never alone — your teammates and you tackle these challenges together. Second, knowledge is everywhere. In my team, for example, colleagues have really different backgrounds and each person is open about sharing their perspective and expertise.

Exciting challenges within the Client Capabilities Network

Being part of CCN means you are able to tackle new, exciting challenges and frequently take on a variety of tasks. For example, I recently attended the Global CCN Dispatching Training focusing the role of the workflow leader (WFL). Every week within our team one person is appointed WFL and oversees the coordination of the incoming flow of requests from consultants. It is a simple task but it requires some serious organization. The training included some best practices on how to approach the role and the resources that can be leveraged. We can also participate in industry conferences.

Being part of the CCN also means having the chance to be staffed on specific projects for which more extensive analyst support is required. For example, I recently worked on a project for an insurance company. Together, with the team, we developed an in-depth analysis to help the client understand its positioning in the market. I had the opportunity to participate in client meetings and see the final impact of my work.

Federica’s advice

Don’t be afraid to ask for help and do not underestimate the willingness of others to help you. It is very often the case that you are faced with tasks for which you may not feel you are ready . The most common mistake is to think that you must face these challenges alone, but rest assured, one of the many great things about working at McKinsey is that everyone is always willing to share their knowledge with you.

Outside of work

During the week, I usually spend my free time staying home and relaxing. I enjoy cooking and trying new recipes. During the weekend, I like to go out, and organize trips or excursions with friends.