How to broaden your perspective as a data scientist

McKinsey City Cup Datathon is an international competition in which you can apply your machine learning and coding skills to tackle an exciting social challenge. Join us on the 23rd of November in Madrid, Munich or Moscow.

What made you decide to participate in the Datathon?

I’ve been interested in consulting for a while and had developed a passion for data science. The Datathon was a perfect opportunity to investigate the intersection of these two fields, see if it was for me, and network for an interview.

What did you enjoy most about the challenge?

I really liked the way the day was organised. We got very detailed information about what life at McKinsey entails. We met with a lot of different people and still had enough time to code. For me, that was the perfect formula.

How did you prepare?

My work as data scientist got me plenty of experience. I felt confident rising to the challenge.

What did you learn?

I learned how McKinsey assesses candidates. Being a genius coder is not enough; there was a strong emphasis on structuring your solution similar to how things are done in many areas of at McKinsey.


What would you advise to future participants?

Socialize, share, and network! I waited too long to chat with my fellow participants and McKinsey consultants. When I did have those conversations, they allowed me to broaden my perspective. Besides that, just have fun and enjoy the day.

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About Fabrice

During my studies, I discovered the wonderful world of machine learning. I was instantly hooked and decided to pursue this passion. My technical skills grew over a few years of training and work, but I missed the business and communication aspects. When I learned more about McKinsey during the Datathon, it felt like the perfect job for me, combining technology and business. I’ll be joining McKinsey as data scientist in Brussels.

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