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Work with start–up gurus and industry experts at all levels in tech

Esme, an associate in Shanghai, shares her recent experience building a business incubator with her diverse team.

My engagements at McKinsey have encompassed every forward–looking topic in the digital arena. In the last year, I’ve participated in digital strategy, digital marketing, e–commerce, and implementation focused work.

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I recently took part in a new business incubation, helping clients build their e–commerce platform from scratch. We worked side–by–side with my clients on positioning the platform strategy, designing the service offering, seeding customer business development and implementing the IT. We supported the management team’s strategic thinking and tackled on–the–ground challenges with the operational team. This borderless mindset and result–driven approach was nothing like the traditional consulting model I envisioned before I joined McKinsey. It gave me the sense of achievement you get from entrepreneurship, while creating value for our clients.

In this enormous digital incubation project, I worked with consultants who shared my background in strategy consultancy and collaborated with colleagues whose roles didn’t exist in the firm five years ago, including product managers, tech architects, UI designers, and data scientists. Several had worked at top Internet companies for years or had launched start–ups of their own before McKinsey.

Spending time with colleagues with such interesting backgrounds and working on such a variety of projects helped me grow, broadened my perspectives, and ultimately helped me become a better consultant. And there is so much more to learn. If you share my passion for learning and tech, I invite and encourage you to apply.

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