Shaping energy transition around the world

I was extremely excited to join McKinsey five years ago when I completed my master’s degree in renewable energy engineering. I knew I would work on the most pressing challenges of our lifetime, like climate change and the necessary energy transition linked to it. My journey has been more satisfying and thrilling than I ever dreamed.

Helping world leaders with climate change

Shaping energy transition around the world
Shaping energy transition around the world

COP21 and the Paris agreement occurred in 2017. At the time, most governments and companies around the world were struggling to understand the implication of this commitment on their economies, businesses and people. In fact, there wasn’t a clear path to meeting the commitment.

Climate change is a global challenge, and every country, company and individual has a role in solving the problem. McKinsey’s global presence allows me to have a holistic perspective and interact with stakeholders across the globe. I joined McKinsey's Energy Insights team in Poland in 2017. While based in Warsaw, I helped organizations around the world – in Norway, the Netherlands, Spain, Indonesia, Korea, Japan and Brazil - navigate and accelerate energy transition.

Sustainability one step at a time

In Europe, the energy transition sped up dramatically over the last year, thanks to projects and research like McKinsey’s “Net-zero EU” report. In other parts of the world, there are more actions needed to reach a net-zero economy. I am grateful for the chance to move to Malaysia in June 2021 with McKinsey to work on energy transition projects in the region. Malaysia has strong potential to transition to clean energy like solar, and leapfrog to new technology with first time car owners buying electric vehicles (EVs). My journey in Asia has just begun, and I can’t wait to look back in five to ten years to reflect on how I helped Malaysia and the Southeast Asia region move closer to a net zero economy.

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More about Enrico

Enrico is a solution associate in Kuala Lumpur. He holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering from Politecnico di Torino in Italy and master’s degrees in energy engineering from Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden and the Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña in Spain. His work at McKinsey focuses on EVs, charging infrastructure, batteries and their impact on the existing energy sector.

Outside of work, Enrico enjoys travelling (pre COVID-19), hiking, yoga, bouldering, cycling and chess.

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