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A system cannot perform better than its people

I’m Eniola, and I joined McKinsey to participate in the public sector projects that are changing Africa.

In 2007, I obtained my undergraduate degree from Covenant University in Nigeria. After graduation, I served as an accountant in the public sector after which I got a post-graduate degree in economics at Sheffield University in the UK. Subsequently, I returned to Nigeria and worked with PwC, then Deloitte.

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Once I decided to move from tax to management consulting, McKinsey was an easy choice – its desire to advance economic development in Africa gave me a rare opportunity to be at the forefront of major public sector work. For example, during my first project at McKinsey, I supported an East African government in its pursuit of an ambitious goal: doubling tax audit assessments. My role was to understand the way the government carried out those assessments, compare this with best practices, and make recommendations for improvement. The challenges on the study were finding data and understanding the local customs. Luckily, one of my colleagues had been on projects with similar challenges and could advise me on the best steps to take. My team and I conducted our own extensive research, compared our findings to some of the data we already had, and built a library of information for the client to reference in the future, while helping the client reach its goal. This experience reminded me that a system cannot perform better than the quality of its people, which really summarizes working at McKinsey for me.

About me:

Outside work, you’ll find me travelling around the world with my spouse, spending time with my four wonderful kids or researching about various social topics. I’m a great cook – you should have a go at my jollof rice.

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