Finding a natural fit with McKinsey consulting

I finished my bachelor’s in economics and finance in two years and my master’s in international business in one year from RMIT University in Vietnam. I entered the workforce young and, for the next seven years, gained experience in a variety of industries, including maritime shipping, beverages, chartering and corporate finance.

I joined McKinsey in February of 2021 as a generalist consultant. I serve clients by tapping the firm’s knowledge and tailoring it to deliver a solution that meets their needs. Part of my role is to become more knowledgeable and take what I learn from current projects to help future clients.

Choosing a career in consulting over industry

Consulting can be an incredible platform for individuals exploring where they want to go professionally. It is versatile enough for you to move laterally across industries and fields. Then when you decide you are ready to move upward, the firm provides plenty of resources and support so you can become an expert.

Finding a natural fit with McKinsey consulting
Finding a natural fit with McKinsey consulting

For me, I love rigorously learning to build expertise in one area, and then moving on to the next thing. That has always been the fuel for my personal development, so consulting is a natural fit.

Interviewing at McKinsey

I think interviews, especially when you are already employed, are intellectually stimulating. The most remarkable thing about the interview process at McKinsey is people will go above and beyond to help you succeed. And once you join, the onboarding process is well designed and really helpful and personal.

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More about me

My personal goal is to always have the number of countries I’ve visited be higher than my current age. Before the pandemic, I traveled enough to cover me for the foreseeable future, but I can’t wait to get on the road again.

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