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My McKinsey time: Diego

Diego is finishing his MBA in London, but still reminisces about his time at McKinsey.

We caught up with Diego , a former business analyst from the Mexico City office who is currently completing his MBA at London Business School.

What are you doing now?

I am finishing business school, staying fit by rock climbing (I got to boulder in Fontainebleu last April), and trying to keep my food Instagram game up by visiting new restaurants throughout London.

What do you miss most about your days as a business analyst?

Training sessions were the most fun. It was great to connect with other business analysts on a personal level while learning a ton. I still remember the time two associate partners beat our entire BA team at flip cup. And, yes, we all made it up at 8am the next day to continue our training.

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What skills did you learn that help you today?

My PowerPoint skills are valuable for business school presentations and photoshopping pictures of my teammates. I’ve coached several potential candidates on the pyramid principle for communications and shared the learnings I learned from “Say It With Charts.”

What has your BA class done to stay in touch?

We have a WhatsApp group to organize cookouts, debate the best coffee, talk about football, and exchange news about the firm.

What experience from your BA time makes you smile?

I was working on a private equity project with a tough client and a tight deadline. To make my teammates laugh, I photoshopped our EM’s face over Lionel Richie’s on the cover of the ’All Night Long’ single and shared it with the leadership. It became tradition to play that song at the beginning of the evening if we were staying late to finish a big deliverable.