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Supporting positive healthcare transformations

With a background in engineering and consulting, Diana taps her knowledge and expertise in operations and supply chain to solve critical healthcare and life sciences challenges that have far-reaching impact.

Before joining McKinsey, I worked in management consulting and in industry as an engineer. I helped a range of businesses, from small privately-owned companies to large organizations, solve various operational challenges.

I became passionate about the medical system and healthcare organizations because I wanted to positively impact people’s lives. I decided to pursue a career at McKinsey to get deeper into healthcare. Now, I am a junior specialist focused on operations, supply chain, and transformational strategies for the healthcare and life sciences sectors.

Helping organizations navigate the pandemic

Some of my most fulfilling work has involved helping organizations manage supply chain disruptions following the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re helping them secure medical and health supplies needed for healthcare systems and the broader population.

Because the current historical demand and supply are not reflective of future needs, we can’t apply traditional supply chain methods. To provide our clients with a sense of clarity during times of uncertainty, my team needed to be innovative in how we collect and analyze data. We’ve also involved many supply chain experts as we develop our analysis. That has been instrumental in helping our clients make informed decisions under tight timeframes and pressures.

We form strong relationships with clients and within our teams as we come together with one shared goal. It is meaningful to help our clients, specifically during times of urgency or crisis.

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Tapping a global network of talented people

One of my favorite parts about working at McKinsey is our projects are highly impact focused. Each one requires diverse skills, talent, and global knowledge to ensure we bring the best to our clients and people.

What stands out most to me is McKinsey is made up of experts around the world who are ready to jump on a call with short notice to share their experience and knowledge. I learn something new every day, but I am also forming amazing friendships and relationships that will last a lifetime.

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More about Diana

Diana holds a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering from the University of Jordan and a master’s in engineering management from the University of South Australia. She currently resides in Brisbane. Outside of work, she enjoys travelling, cycling, playing the piano, and spending time with family and friends.