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Finding inspiration with McKinsey’s Client Capabilities Network

My role at McKinsey

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Besides helping clients understand how the automotive and mobility industry will evolve within the next five-to-ten years, I'm working on external publications as well as market modellings. Of course, I am also building meaningful relationships with my teammates and using some of my time to coach less tenured colleagues to help them grow further in their role.

Why did you choose McKinsey?

I chose to apply to McKinsey as I aspired to work at a place where I could learn and grow with inspiring and passionate people on topics that will shape the future and make a difference, creating lasting change.

What excites me most is the possibility to work on a variety of topics and to contribute to work that the automotive and mobility world will impact. I love that I'm part of an inspiring team, which allows me to work in a trusting and motivating work environment and has helped me build great friendships along the way.

In my first year, one of many trainings was the 'Communication for Women' workshop in Cologne, in which we received purposeful advice on how to communicate effectively while still being yourself. We had hands-on training, and took some time for self-reflection on how we communicate every day, whether in person, on calls or in problem-solving sessions with diverse teams. This really helped me, and I was able to apply these skills in recent projects and in my personal life.

Outside of work

During my free time, I love to travel. Munich's proximity to the mountains allows me to escape to the most beautiful hiking trails on the weekend with friends. For longer and more adventurous trips, our firm makes it possible as we can take time off beyond our regular vacation days.