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Mentorship and growth since day one as a business analyst in Turkey

Busra shares her favorite things about McKinsey

Students in Turkey – apply for our business analyst intern role in Istanbul. You’ll meet consultants like Busra who joined McKinsey in 2019 as a business analyst in Istanbul, after graduating with a double degree in industrial engineering and business administration from Koç University in Turkey. Click the link below to apply for a BA intern role (if you are a penultimate year student).


Busra joined McKinsey in Istanbul as a business analyst in 2019. We sat down with her for a quick interview to see what she thinks of the firm so far.

My growth journey started from day one and has driven me to continuously achieve more, every step of the way. I feel valued both professionally and personally. I’m surrounded by inspiring leaders who encourage me to use my voice. McKinsey’s values and culture are one-of-a-kind and they put people at the core.

What is your favorite part about working at McKinsey?

The diversity in people and in the content of my work. McKinsey connects me with international colleagues who have vast expertise in various areas. I feel ensured that for any question I may have, there will be someone with an answer.

What advice would you share with those applying for business analyst or the intern roles?

Looking back, two things were essential during my interviews: self-confidence and being my true self. The attitude and presence you show during interviews matters. In addition, I recommend enjoying the interview itself, rather than stressing about giving the right answers. Interviewing with McKinsey consultants and leaders is a great experience regardless of the final outcome.

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