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The best team in a remote place

Birru’s work in a mine in Indonesia was challenging, rewarding, and full of learning opportunities

Being at McKinsey is quite different from my previous experience as an engineer in the corporate world. My work before was mostly routine with occasional troubleshooting. Here, one of my projects included an eight-hour drive on unpaved roads across the jungle and a wooden barge ride. I never imagined my work would take me to such a remote place in my own country. As a consultant, I can expect so many different experiences and challenges every day, which is exciting and nerve-racking at the same time and exactly the kind of career I want. The surprises and challenges that come my way excite me.

The best team in a remote place
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Remote, meaningful work

On my first project, I went to a remote part of Indonesia to do a digital transformation for a mining client. My workstream involved using big data to optimize fuel consumption. Our team was on-site to work closely with the operators, supervisors, etc. to understand their processes and behaviors so we could set up the digital infrastructure they needed in the most useful way.

On my first day on the team, I sat in a 100-ton truck to shadow its driver and explore opportunities to improve the efficiency of the trucking operation. With insights from my observations and feedback from many drivers, we built an advanced analytics engine leveraging data from truck operating parameters, road conditions, fuel consumption, and equipment maintenance records to generate insights on the main drivers of fuel consumption.

The best team

It was indeed a challenging experience given the area had limited internet and cellular connections—a huge obstacle to anything digital. However, the impact was tremendous because it was one of Indonesia’s first digital lighthouse projects in the industry. In addition, the collaboration from the client and McKinsey team members was the best. We each owned our own pieces of work but routinely gave each other input and brainstormed on-the-fly to overcome the project’s challenging logistics. We made an extra effort to host team activities, like workout sessions, so we had fun and got to know each other.

Learning on the job

My team was very supportive of me especially since this was my very first project at McKinsey. The engagement manager shared basic consulting tools and resources and showed me how and when to use each one. He encouraged and coached me along the way, specifically on communications. With this mentorship, I grew the confidence I needed to deliver and succeed.

Equal opportunities in GEM

In addition to creating change that matters for clients and the larger community, I can bring my full self to work at McKinsey because I know I bring value to the table. Gender equality is extremely important to me and the oil & gas sector tends to be dominated by men so women are not always given the same opportunities. Being at McKinsey, however, ensures I have equal opportunities to learn, explore, succeed and deliver my best.

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