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Spotlight on Anne

Anne shares her journey and growth at McKinsey
Anne N
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My path to McKinsey

I became aware of McKinsey when my best friend shared the application link for a recruiting event twenty minutes before the midnight deadline. Staying up to complete my application was one of the best decisions I ever made.

Before McKinsey, I explored different fields that interested me – everything from digital marketing to finance and real estate. I switched roles a lot. I found a perfect career at McKinsey, because I can constantly explore, learn, and meet new people without locking myself into one specific industry or changing companies and roles frequently.

Ownership and opportunity

My favorite thing about working at McKinsey is that I am trusted. I am given ownership and flexibility to deliver my work in my own way, even early in my tenure. For example, I was given a workstream where I was responsible for building a digital banking product from scratch. This responsibility evolved into end-to-end project planning and managing a team that included clients, vendors, designers, and developers.

Through this experience, I developed my project management and leadership skills. I learned to think critically and structure my thoughts using McKinsey frameworks and problem solving sessions with team, which has helped me become a more strategic thinker and effective communicator.

Memorable work experiences

My digital banking engagement was also memorable because of the progress our clients made in building their capabilities. They learned agile mindsets and strengthened their digital capabilities. I saw them transform – from listening as our team led discussions to leaders training newcomers in best practices.

A truly global firm

At McKinsey every project offers a chance to work with colleagues of different nationalities, cultures, and backgrounds. In all my projects, there have been people from at least three different nationalities, which makes every team exciting and special.

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