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Spotlight on Anh

Anh, a consultant in Hanoi, shares his excitement about endless learning opportunities, collaboration and work-life balance at McKinsey

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My Path to McKinsey

I joined McKinsey shortly after I finished my undergraduate studies  at the London School of Economics. After two years as a business analyst, I took education leave in 2014 to earn a MBA from the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business and rejoined  the firm in 2016.

Always learning at McKinsey

What sets McKinsey apart is the learning. I have the opportunity to learn so much at McKinsey – from exceptional colleagues and inspirational clients as well as formal and informal professional development.

What really amazes me is, despite being here for a while now, my learning has not slowed down. At McKinsey, learning starts on day one and carries on throughout your career. Professional development is not simply one training, but rather a comprehensive program carefully designed to support you in your career at the times when you need it the most. One of my favorite trainings was LEAD II. I attended it as I was starting to transition from associate to engagement manager – a major transition from team member to team lead. I found answers to many of my questions from fellow participants. It greatly boosted my confidence to find out my struggles were shared by many others and were typical.

Collaborative process at McKinsey

Early in my tenure, I was amazed by how supportive senior colleagues were. For example, I reached out to a partner in the US who was the expert on a niche topic my clients wanted to learn more about. We spoke on the phone, then the next week, he joined us to conduct a workshop.  With his extensive experience, he surfaced and addressed many of the clients’ concerns. The session resolved the clients’ doubts and subsequently improved the efficiency with which they executed the recommended changes. McKinsey is truly one firm working together on behalf of our clients.

Work-life balance

At McKinsey, I am empowered to control my work-life balance. I used the Take Time program to spend additional time on pursuits and people I care about . I’ve also taken paid time off between intense projects. This flexibility allows me to maintain a good cadence.

Advice for those applying to McKinsey

Be prepared for the interviews. Know the interview format, the qualities McKinsey seeks, and the strengths that set you apart. This last part is particularly important. I have often thought of myself as someone who could fit into any role in an organization. I would encourage people with similar generalist backgrounds to find their core strength and practice describing it.

More about Anh

I was born and raised in Vietnam. Thanks to my father’s work as a physicist, I developed an early interest in natural science and understanding how things work. I later pivoted into economics, studying at the London School of Economics, but kept my interest in exploring the world. When I am not working, I enjoy traveling and watching historical, science fiction, and fantasy documentaries.

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