Supporting China’s decarbonization efforts

I received my bachelor’s in accounting from the University of Sydney. I served as a financial controller at IBM in China and as a business consultant at Bayer China. In July of 2020, I graduated with my MBA from the London Business School.

Supporting China’s decarbonization efforts
Supporting China’s decarbonization efforts

At the time, I didn’t know where I wanted to go in my career. McKinsey was the ideal next step because here you can explore all possibilities and career trajectories until you find your passion. It didn’t take me long to find mine: helping the Chinese economy decarbonize. That was a goal I could have only dreamed of before becoming an associate at McKinsey.

Joining an industry pioneer in decarbonization

McKinsey is leading the charge in decarbonization. Last year, the firm invested in an internal project to study how to achieve net-zero carbon in China, and I was fortunate to be part of the project.

It opened my eyes to the urgency of dealing with climate change, but I also realized the change McKinsey can have on a global scale. I spend most of my time devising strategies to reduce carbon emission for companies and NGOs alike, and that can have a direct impact on the sustainability efforts in China.

Playing a role in China's decarbonization process

Supporting China’s decarbonization efforts
Supporting China’s decarbonization efforts

In the past year, my team has been involved in projects that promote action. We helped a leading internet company decarbonize its operation and build decarbonization into a new growth engine. We also researched extensively to reduce carbon emission on a macro-level and to mitigate the potential negative social economy impact.

In my work, I collaborate with experts, ranging from climate change thinktank experts to the world's most renowned professors in climate change. It has deepened my understanding of the industry, and shown me that reaching carbon neutrality in China is a complex issue, involving a wide range of stakeholders.

With McKinsey’s global network of experts and unmatched resources, I am confident we can help accelerate China’s decarbonization process.

Finding passion projects and new friends

The work here is fulfilling, but what I find most amazing is that I’m surrounded by intelligent and mission-driven people. Since joining McKinsey, I’ve built some of the best friendships of my life. We enjoy one another’s company during work and we hang out socially. One day, when I am old, I will remember many positive moments from my McKinsey days. They are in different places surrounded by true friends: the sunset in Shenzhen, a boat trip in Sanya, and playing truth or dare in a Beijing bar, to name a few.

This is my McKinsey story so far and many of my colleagues have similar stories. Here you can discover your passion, build your expertise, grow into your role, all the while being supported by mentors and friends. Charting your path is far more than a slogan. At McKinsey, you can define what success means for you.

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