Be genuine and follow your passion

I heard about McKinsey but did not think it could be the place for me. I don't have a business background or hold an MBA; I’ve always been a 'techie'. Then, I saw McKinsey was looking for digital experts with industry experience. I seized the opportunity and applied. After meeting the team, I was struck by the depth and innovativeness of the digital challenges they were helping clients solve daily. McKinsey was working at the leading edge of tech.


Developing my skill set across dimensions

From initial design to final launch, I contribute to end-to-end product development across multiple use cases, industries, and countries. It enables me to gain cross-domain expertise, including UI/UX design, and develop a deeper understanding of the key IT infrastructure challenges that top players face today. Recently, I also built knowledge in advanced analytics working on machine learning models.

Meaningful mentorship

What makes working at McKinsey so special is the consistent push I receive from my team to grow and take initiative every day. My team leaders trust me and invest in my growth by giving me more responsibilities and new challenges continuously. One piece of advice I was given during my first days at the firm has stayed with me: “Always rely on your team.” It is the people I work with and their passion for what they do that makes me happy to get out of bed every morning and face the challenges of the day.


Important advice: be genuine

One of the key learnings from my journey at the firm can fit into two simple words: be genuine. You will need to work hard; you will need to put in effort. Ultimately, the best insights and decisions will come from your gut. This is why it is key to take good care of who you are.

I was raised by an amazing family who always taught me shortcuts don’t exist and passion, dedication and respect are the ultimate recipe for success. So, whenever I have the opportunity, I go back to them to replenish in wisdom, laughs and delicious Lebanese food.

More about Alexandra

Alexandra is a French and Lebanese product owner in Dubai. After working in a financial software company in Paris, she joined McKinsey in 2020 and has enjoyed every bit of her journey at the firm. As a product owner, Alexandra has worked on the end-to-end development of several exciting digital products across the Middle East, including multiple mobile banking apps for top banks in the region. Her main drivers include delivering impact through digital innovation, spending quality time with her loved ones, and eating delicious food.

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