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Keep in Touch

Keep in Touch

McKinsey’s Keep in Touch (KIT) program provides talented individuals with special access to our firm.
As a part of our KIT program, you will be invited to trainings to build your knowledge and skills and will have ample opportunities to connect with us through various events. Our KIT invitation-only webinars will give you a glimpse into life at McKinsey and allow you to get to know our McKinsey experts around the world. You’ll receive email newsletters highlighting open roles, stories about our consultants, and the work we do. We invite you to take the next step of your professional journey with us.


“I was studying for my Masters of science in international management when I attended an event organized by McKinsey. Afterwards, I was invited to join the KIT program.

The program has been the perfect way to get to know the firm’s values. The newsletter helped me understand the ways people at McKinsey create impact all over the world. The webinars taught me new skills, from how to effectively communicate to how to structure emails and presentations.

The learning opportunities I was given, especially around the firm’s values, are one of the reasons I decided to take the next step and apply for a role after graduation.”

Paola, Business analyst, Milan
Former Keep in Touch participant

“After attending a recruitment event at McKinsey, I became curious about consulting but wasn’t yet sure if I wanted to make a move away from my current role. After the event, I was invited to be part of the KIT program, which allowed me to stay connected with McKinsey and not feel as if I needed to immediately submit an application.

The program gave me great insight into the world of consulting, which helped inform my decision to transition from supply chain management at a time that was right for me. KIT also helped me learn which role within McKinsey was right for me, which led me to find my place in the Operations practice.”

Khadija, Junior specialist, London
Former Keep in Touch participant

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