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Whom do we look for

We look for exceptional people from a variety of fields and professions, including finance, government, engineering, law, the military, medicine, and industry.

Whatever your background, we have the size, scale, training, and culture to help you deepen your skills, broaden your strengths, and increase your impact.

Around McKinsey you'll find common qualities in our people such as:

  • passion, dedication, and energy
  • commitment to high standards and core values
  • entrepreneurial spirit
  • interesting personal hobbies and pursuits

There are four aspects we consider as we look for new people to join the firm, in addition to any industry or functional expertise that may be necessary.

  • Personal impact
  • Entrepreneurial drive
  • Problem solving skills
  • Leadership abilities

Additionally, we value people with both passion for their area of expertise and specific skills and knowledge to contribute to our clients and teams. These are just a few of the qualities that make our people and our clients successful, and make working at McKinsey fun.