Diversity Connect - Europe

June 2, 2023 & August 2023

McKinsey passionately believes in developing outstanding leaders and promoting diversity, both at our firm and in the world at large.

Diversity Connect - Europe will bring together individuals from across Europe who self-identify as having an African, Asian, Caribbean, Latin American, Middle Eastern, North African, Turkish or mixed heritage. This program aims to support talented individuals who may be currently underrepresented in leadership roles.

Our 2023 Diversity Connect - Europe will be a two-day program, with one virtual event on June 2 and one in-person event in August.

During the virtual event, attendees will hear from McKinsey leaders about their professional journey and what lead them to our firm, as well as Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at McKinsey. Attendees will also have the chance to select workshops of interest to them, focused on leadership and being your authentic self, allowing each person to tailor their program to their personal or professional development goals.

The in-person event you will be invited to will take place in the location that sponsored your participation. During these gatherings, attendees will meet McKinsey colleagues and receive a tour of the office. The dates of these events will vary.

Application details

We are looking to get to individuals based in Europe who:

  • self-identify as having an African, Asian, Caribbean, Latin American, Middle Eastern, North African, Turkish or mixed heritage.
  • are pursuing an Undergraduate, Bachelor’s, Master’s, MBA or PhD degree OR are a professional with fewer than eight years of work experience

You should apply if you:

  • exhibit strong leadership capabilities
  • work effectively with groups of people from a broad range of backgrounds and experiences
  • have an ambitious, curious, and analytical mindset
  • have a proven record of leadership in an academic or professional setting
  • enjoy problem solving and creative thinking

How to apply

To be considered for Diversity Connect - Europe, we ask that you submit the following:

  • Your resumé in English, which should include details of your education and grades, work experience, and extracurricular activities and achievements.
  • A cover letter (optional), one page maximum, in English, which should include an experience where you demonstrated leadership and fostered effective team work with a diverse group of people. This diversity could include people with different areas of expertise, background, education, culture or nationalities, ethnicity, gender, orientations, personalities, or work experience.
  • Office location or capabilities preference

This event is non-evaluative. It is an opportunity for you to get to know us and learn more about working at McKinsey.

What to expect

The event will give you the opportunity to meet colleagues from McKinsey, enjoy different networking sessions, learn more about our work, and give you the chance to enjoy workshops that build on your personal skills.

Application process

During the Diversity Connect - Europe application process, you will be asked to complete a short online form.

When completing this form, you will choose up to three office locations or capabilities to review your application and consider sponsoring you. We advise you to make your selections based on geographic or industry ties—that is, you have studied or lived in the country, or you have work experience in the capability or industry. You should also be fluent in the local language.

Our colleagues in this office or capabilities will review your application and, should you be successful in the selection process, sponsor your participation for the virtual event.

You can submit your application until April 30, 2023. In mid-May 2023, we will get in touch with you regarding the outcome of your application.

Visit our FAQ page for more details.

Apply now!

By applying to this event, I understand and consent that my sensitive personal data, is processed in accordance with the McKinsey Recruiting Privacy Notice.

Diversity Connect - Europe is intended for individuals who live in Europe and self-identify as having an African, Asian, Caribbean, Latin American, Middle Eastern, North African, Turkish or mixed heritage.

Diversity has many aspects. Our Diversity Connect - Europe event focuses on diversity of ethnicities and cultural backgrounds. It is just one of our many programs aimed to help individuals get to know McKinsey better. To learn more about our other diversity initiatives, including gender diversity, LGBTQI+ diversity, etc., follow our Real Life at McKinsey Facebook page and subscribe to our Careers blog.