McKinsey on Finance, Number 74

McKinsey on Finance, Number 74

Perspectives on Corporate Finance and Strategy

Articles in this issue

The CFO’s role in helping companies navigate the coronavirus crisis

– Strong, steady leadership from the finance organization is critical for addressing immediate concerns about safety and survival, stabilizing the business in the near term, and positioning it for recovery.

Navigating COVID-19: Advice from long-term investors

– Look after employees, customers, and suppliers; adopt a through-cycle mindset; and communicate transparently. Profits and dividends will come later if you make the right moves now.

Planning for uncertainty: Performance management under COVID-19

– Companies need a new approach to financial planning and performance management—one that informs rapid realignment of plans and actions and ensures organizational resilience.

How the CFO enables the board’s success—during COVID-19 and beyond

– Two board experts explain how in times of crisis or transformation, the CFO can serve as a rock in the boardroom, a critical arbiter of difficult decisions, and a scout for the future.

A blueprint for M&A success

– Programmatic M&A can help companies build resiliency, but this approach to deal making requires a solid game plan—one that will guide proactive deal sourcing and opportunistic deal evaluation.

Practice makes perfect: What sets programmatic acquirers apart

– While there is no shortcut to outperformance in deal making, a new survey finds that expert acquirers take a different approach to strategy, deal execution, and integration.

The secret to unlocking hidden value in the balance sheet

– For many companies, managing financial resources is a challenge. But combining analytics with a holistic approach to balance sheet management can help capture the opportunity and improve performance.

Bias Busters: Seeing strategy alternatives in the momentum case

– A momentum case can reveal what could happen if a company takes no, or only limited, strategic action.

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