McKinsey on Finance, Number 56
Autumn 2015

McKinsey on Finance, Number 56

McKinsey on Finance offers practical ways of thinking about corporate finance based on McKinsey's experience and proprietary research.

Articles in this issue


Are share buybacks jeopardizing future growth?

– Fears that US companies underinvest by paying too much back to shareholders are unfounded. Rather, the rise in buybacks reflects changes in the economy.

A better way to understand internal rate of return

– Investments can have the same internal rate of return for different reasons. A breakdown of this metric in private equity shows why it matters.

Profiling the modern CFO: A panel discussion

– Seasoned finance chiefs explore revamping business models and coping with new competitors, currency risks, and changing capital structures.

Building a better partnership between finance and strategy

– The growing strategic role of CFOs may create tension with top strategists. That’s a missed opportunity for teaming up to improve company performance.

How M&A practitioners enable their success

– Companies that are best at transactions approach M&A differently—but there’s room for improvement across the board.

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