McKinsey on Finance, Number 51
Summer 2014

McKinsey on Finance, Number 51

Perspectives on corporate finance and strategy.

Articles in this issue


Bringing discipline to your sustainability initiatives

– Many companies have more sustainability initiatives than they can possibly manage. Here’s how to get them under control.

Preparing to make big-ticket investment decisions

– When the stakes couldn’t be higher, the quality of the decision making can make all the difference. Process improvements can help.

Making trade-offs in corporate portfolio decisions

– Managers often want to own good businesses they shouldn’t buy—or hold onto businesses they should sell. Here’s how some companies have made these tough decisions.

Uncovering cash and insights from working capital

– Companies that improve the performance of their working capital can generate cash and see benefits far beyond the finance department.
Commentary - McKinsey Quarterly

Business, society, and the future of capitalism

– Unilever chief executive Paul Polman explains why capitalism must evolve, his company’s efforts to change, and how business leaders are critical to solving intractable problems.

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