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Centered Leadership

What enables some talented people to rise to the top and create positive and sustained impact, while others stop short of their full leadership potential?

Crown Business, March 2014 | Joanna Barsh and Johanne Lavoie

"Centered Leadership is a personal and practical road map to taking on the challenge of leadership."
— Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook and author of Lean In

By studying the stories of leaders and working with Fortune 100 companies, Joanna Barsh and Johanne Lavoie have focused their attention over the past decade on that very question. Through interviews, teaching, and consulting, they uncovered what distinguishes the most effective leaders. Simply put, the answer lies in how leaders lead themselves and take accountability for their personal and professional growth in today's challenging environment. At the heart of Centered Leadership lies the practice of self-awareness and choice. The ability of leaders to be mindful and at choice in the moment helps them tap into purpose and vision (Meaning), shift habitual patterns into a learning stance (Framing), create collective relationships (Connecting), step up with intention (Engaging), and sustain transformational growth (Energizing).

Since 2008, Barsh, Lavoie and others at McKinsey have travelled the globe holding workshops and programs to help leaders build and integrate these distinctive capabilities into their work. In Centered Leadership, Barsh and Lavoie guide you through the program itself. You'll find the concepts illustrated by inspiring stories along with interactive tools, exercises, and practices that will help you grow and achieve.

In effect, the book offers a practical field guide for every reader who aspires to lead with purpose, clarity, and positive impact. Those early in their careers will learn how to use these practices to explore their strengths and accelerate their professional and personal growth. Those forming families will be able to use these practices to achieve greater energy balance. And those who have achieved success will be able use these practices to create more profound and lasting change through their leadership.

No matter what stage you are at in your career, or what level of leadership you aspire to, this book equips you with the tools on your journey to personal mastery of Centered Leadership—at work and in life.

Centered leadership program
Johanne Lavoie introduces the McKinsey Centered Leadership Program, an intensive field and forum journey inviting leaders to apply the practices of CL in their daily business context, expanding from Lead Self to Lead Others, Teams, and Organizations.

About the authors

Joanna Barsh

Joanna Barsh is a director emeritus of McKinsey after 20 years as a senior partner. She is also the bestselling author of How Remarkable Women Lead. Joanna has given speeches and seminars to government and business leaders globally, including Belgium, France, Indonesia, Malaysia, Norway, and Saudi Arabia. She served on Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton's International Council on Women Business Leadership and introduced our Centered Leadership development program for women in Brazil, Sweden, UK, US, and soon to launch in the Philippines. Joanna serves on Genesco's board of directors.

Johanne Lavoie

Johanne Lavoie is master expert in McKinsey's Organization Practice; she launched and serves as the dean of McKinsey's Centered Leadership Program, a leadership intensive for senior executives. Johanne mixes twenty-years as a McKinsey consultant with expertise in adult development and organization culture. She is an engaging speaker, seasoned coach, and facilitator and works globally serving Fortune 100 companies. Johanne also serves on the advisory board of the Banff Leadership Center. She has an MBA from the Harvard Business School.

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