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Technology Platform

McKinsey Academy’s technology platform provides an immersive, scalable learning experience that supports comprehensive learning journeys across all channels – from interactive courses and online assessments to in-person training and on-the-job learning.


Participants can access all courses, activities and materials anytime throughout their journey from our learner dashboard.

Expert content

Prepare for real-world situations through various learning modes, including digital courses, videos from subject experts, and scenario-based assessments.


Receive targeted content and push notifications, to prompt the right actions at the right times.

Social learning

Collaborate and compete with peers, interact with coaches, solicit feedback, participate in polls, and work on group projects.

Just-in-time learning

Access relevant content when and where it’s needed – whether on the job or during in-person sessions – via our mobile app.


Organizations use the platform to communicate with participants, collaborate with our team of experts to create programs, and analyze participant progress. 


Build custom learning journeys for select role groups, from leaders to front-line employees.


Send targeted e-mails and mobile push notifications to drive engagement and guide participants to action.


Analyze progress, proficiency and engagement, giving organizations real-time data on participant performance.


Easily access the platform from a password-protected site or single sign-on (SSO).

Connect with our People & Organizational Performance Practice