Supporting career progression in early leaders
Designed for early careerists and individual contributors with up to seven years of experience in the workforce who aspire to become team and people leaders, this program sharpens core business understanding, dives into effective day-to-day leadership and execution, examines self-leadership, and provides a robust network of peers and experts.

The topics, content, and tools are so relevant to my current role and career moment that this course seemed designed specifically for me. I can't explain how grateful I am for this opportunity to leverage the tools and my knowledge moving forward.

— Manufacturing leader

Timing and delivery

Leadership Essentials is a three-month learning journey, which builds knowledge, enhances leadership capabilities, and supports professionals in their career progression. Self-paced digital modules and live virtual webinars explore leadership topics, and participants join expert-led “ask me anything” sessions and small networking groups of peers.

Learning objectives

  • Sharpen business acumen in areas like operations, strategy, marketing, and finance that can be applied across industries and contexts
  • Learn critical growth mindsets and leadership approaches in preparation for leading teams and larger projects and initiatives
  • Hone relationship building skills and establish network of peers across industries and functional groups for continuous engagement and learning


  • Build a broader network of peers and benefit from connectivity in the Connected Leaders Academy alumni community
  • Join the McKinsey ecosystem of webinars, roundtables, and other executive events
  • Learn from peers and faculty, gain mentors and role models to help advance skills and credibility as leaders

Connect with Connected Leaders Academy

Our Connected Leaders Academy program is designed for cohorts of individuals through their organization; it is not designed to be accessed directly by individuals. If you are inquiring on behalf of your organization or are already enrolled in Connected Leaders Academy, please contact us.