Introduction: December 2021

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How do we pay for new and retrofit projects? How do we build, maintain, and operate better? How do we ensure the decisions we make today set us on a path for net-zero emissions by 2050?

The climate-change solutions needed are of particular concern. At the 2021 UN Climate Change Conference (COP26), world leaders announced a new level of detail to their plans for how to meet the European Union’s goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 55 percent by 2030. In this issue of Voices on Infrastructure, we attempt to tackle the questions surrounding what asset owners, investors, and contractors need to do to realize the opportunities and manage the risks of improving project development and delivery in the age of decarbonization.

Voices on Infrastructure: Improving project development and delivery

Voices on Infrastructure: Improving project development and delivery

Los Angeles Metro CEO Stephanie Wiggins and A.P. Moller Capital Managing Partner and CEO Kim Fejfer weigh in on what industry players can help accomplish in the next generation—from spurring development in emerging markets to building equitable, reliable mobility options in our global cities. Rob McIntosh, route managing director for Network Rail, and Roger Bayliss, capital works director of MTR Corporation Limited (MTRCL), offer their insights into how the rail industry can meet changing environmental, social, and governance expectations. And a global set of our McKinsey colleagues explore how to use investment to spur infrastructure transformation and meet decarbonization goals.

The answers we’re seeking are complex and nuanced, and we’re grateful for the participation of these experts on infrastructure and their thoughtful approach to how we should move forward.

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