Join the World Economic Forum’s Global Lighthouse Network, in collaboration with McKinsey, and be part of a network of influential innovators capturing the value of digital technologies

The Global Lighthouse Network of organizations understand the potential of digital technologies to enable their participation in the next normal, allowing them to embrace the Future of Work.

McKinsey and the World Economic Forum are preparing to expand the network beyond single-site manufacturing companies, to recognize outstanding organizations that are using digital tools at scale, across multiple sites, and throughout their end-to-end value chain. In addition to manufacturing leaders, we’re in search of companies including outsourcing manufacturers, logistic providers, retailers and other non-traditional manufacturing companies that have scaled their digital transformations.

Are you interested in joining the network? Organizations that are selected will have the following benefits:

  • receiving public recognition of the role they are playing in leading the future of production
  • being part of conversations with governments, academia, technology pioneers, and civil society, and play a key role in the development of a favorable ecosystem and learning platform for technology adoption and dissemination across industry sectors
  • gaining access to the C-suite 4IR community, the opportunity to visit other Global Lighthouse Network sites for peer-to-peer site feedback sessions, and to develop coalitions and partnerships throughout the network

Through adoption of fourth-industrial-revolution technologies, the 44 existing members of the Global Lighthouse Network are reporting great impact, including 50 to 60 percent improvement in operational key performance indicators (KPIs) and 15 to 20 percent improvement in financial KPIs, from their digitization programs. They are moving further and faster than their peers in the use of flexible automation, connectivity, and intelligence.

Register your interest in joining the program by submitting the form by March 31, 2021, and learn more about joining the Global Lighthouse Network.

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