Accelerating the transition to tech-enabled operations and unlocking end-to-end transparency through process insights

Operations leaders are navigating ever-increasing complexity, uncertainty, and new remote working models with the added expectation to grow and transform.
Trace helps organizations improve operational performance by applying technology solutions where and when it matters.

What we do

Build a fact base for improvement

Use real operator actions that are applicable for both business as usual operations improvements and transformations, highlighting the causes of bottlenecks, rework, variation, and waste in end-to-end processes.

Uncover digitization and automation opportunities

Pinpoint the highest impact opportunities across all levers—such as automation, capabilities, digital, operating model changes, policy, and skills—with developer-ready documentation.

Enable employees to perform better

Facilitate knowledge sharing, engage employees who need additional coaching, and support performance improvement with added transparency.

Introduction to Trace


Our suite of tools can diagnose, discover, monitor, and transform processes. Cutting across functions, geographies, and siloes, they make sure technology is applied where and when it matters.

Our Approach

End-to-end process strategy

Integrate strategy and existing metrics with industry best practices.

Rapid tech-enabled view of operations

Capture operations work and the creation of dashboards by deploying leading AI-enabled tools.

Action planning

Develop an action plan for technology integration-combining processes, technology, and capability building, as well as plan implementation and improvement tracking.

Ongoing monitoring

Build and transition to the future state of operations by building a capability around achieving target metrics and associated improvement actions.

Featured insights


The imperatives for automation success

– New survey findings show that organizations that successfully automate business processes follow a few common practices.

Technology + operations: A flywheel for performance improvement

– New automation techniques can provide the first step toward continuous, tech-enabled redesign of critical operations—forming... an intuitive ops-to-tech cycle in which tech improves ops, and vice versa.

The automation imperative

– As many organizations move to build their automation capabilities, recent survey results suggest that certain best practices will... differentiate successful efforts from others.

Intelligent process automation: The engine at the core of the next-generation operating model

– Full intelligent process automation comprises five key technologies. Here’s how to use them to enhance productivity and... efficiency, reduce operational risks, and improve customer experiences.
Article - McKinsey Quarterly

Four fundamentals of workplace automation

– As the automation of physical and knowledge work advances, many jobs will be redefined rather than eliminated—at least in... the short term.

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