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Actionable spend insights with Orpheus

We help companies unlock value by leveraging their purchasing to provide actionable insights that enable continuous impact in procurement. By combining services and software, we elevate the focus of spend analytics to guide procurement strategy development and execution.

Orpheus tackles typical challenges in procurement, including poor spend data quality, dispersed data, or unsustainable data. Our solutions harmonize and consolidate spend views across multiple enterprise-resource-planning (ERP) systems, geographies, sites, subsidiaries, and systems to create a “single source of truth” for organizations in their entirety.

Enriching data with our external sources creates holistic and actionable insights, while our standard, automated workflow accurately tracks and measures value from procurement initiatives. With two decades of procurement and finance data analytics experience, we’re able to transform spotty, fragmented, and distributed data into easy-to-read, fully transparent trends with our innovative spend analytics suite.

How we help clients

Full spend transparency

Our solutions provide connection to an unlimited number of data sources and processing capabilities to achieve spending transparency clear understanding down to the line-item level, with an average of 95 percent spending classified.

Rapid insight generation

Our state-of-the-art analytics allow us to help companies leverage and identify short-term saving opportunities with a fast ROI by creating category-specific, in-depth insights into direct- and indirect-financial categories.

Data enrichment with category expertise

Our services enable companies to enrich their spending data with finance, marketing, sales, risk data, and market indexes for more granular visibility; perform savings, linear-performance pricing (LPP), and cleansheet analyses for key spending categories; and uncover quantified total cost of ownership (TCO) for procurement.

Value generation

Our team tracks savings initiatives and proves the impact of introduced measures on profit and loss statements.

Featured Capabilities

Orpheus offers a platform solution for every organization, no matter where they are in their analytics journey.

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Enable value

Digital Backbone & Visualization

Data hosting and data visualization layers enable connectivity between data sources, solution modules, and embedded or external visualization tools

Data Connectivity & Transformation

ERP data extraction and connectivity to further data sources. Data profiling, ingestion, filtering, and intelligent transformation to build a consistent data model

Data Cleansing & Categorization

Automated AI and reference data driven quality assessment, supplier harmonization, and spend classification with intuitive user interfaces

Identify value

Dashboards & Insights

Guided insights, ideation, KPI tracking, spend patterns, working capital optimization, budget control, carbon emissions analytics, and more

Analysis & Ideation

Price structure alignment and assessment of portfolio opportunities, price variances, indices, and category analytics for direct and indirect spend

Integrations & Ecosystem

Interfaces and connectivity to McKinsey solutions such as Cleansheet as well as to external solutions to establish a diverse ecosystem

Capture value

Alerting & Recommendations

Automation of analytics including alerting functionality. Intuitive BOTs creation framework with feedback learning to easily add new use cases

Impact & Savings Tracking

Planning, forecasting, and monitoring of initiatives. Savings reporting integrated with actual spend data for consistent tracking of plan figures against actuals

Example of our Impact

Savings opportunities identified for a consumer goods company

Orpheus helped refine spend categorization for a European food manufacturer to 94 percent at L4 and achieve 44 percent reduction in suppliers' names. This enabled bundling potential and savings opportunities of 3 to 5 percent of their spend.

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