Is your organization ready for the 4th industrial revolution?

The prospect of transforming your operations to take advantage of digital and analytics advances can seem daunting. It can be challenging to integrate new technologies, systems and capabilities into your existing operations without disrupting the business as usual and keeping your teams motivated during the transition.

The Digital Capability Centre (DCC) Venice provides an experiential and visionary experience that:

  • Tailors training sessions to experience every stage of the digital journey
  • Helps to cut through anxiety and build a picture of what is possible
  • Energizes how teams can be part of building a new future for digital operations

Explore our state-of-the-art DCC Venice through an introductory one-day session.

The DCC offers lean and digital experiential training sessions in different learning environments;

  • A manufacturing model factory with real machinery, assembly workstations, and a quality lab
  • Several model offices spanning different industries, and
  • A model warehouse.

The centre is equipped to guide teams through the main steps of a lean and digital transformation. Learn how lean management and digital use cases that drive bottom-line impact can be applied to the entire value chain.

Based on the latest thinking related to adult-learning principles, our programs offer teams the opportunity to actively practise skills in experiential environments and observe the impacts of decision-making in a risk-free setting. This will help your organization to advance to the forefront of operational excellence.

Explore how we can help your organization develop a tailored program for your organization that will deliver:

Up-to-date best practice for successful and sustainable transformation programs; shared through interactive plenary sessions designed to support you in building lasting capabilities throughout your organization
First-hand learning about the concepts of lean and digital in a real but safe production environment for example how to lead a diagnostic on site
Relevant digital use situations staged in a flexible environment that can simulate real-stress scenarios and digital opportunities such as digital standard procedures, digital performance engine and many more
Interactive sessions where participants can discuss the key challenges in their organizations and how to translate the key learnings from the day to address them

This is an exclusive event with limited capacity, therefore we have to ask you to apply.

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McKinsey’s Digital Capability Center (DCC) in Venice offers capability building programs that empower manufacturing and service companies to successfully realize lean agile and digital transformations.

Digital Capability Center Venice

Developing the future of manufacturing

Model factory

Learn about lean principles and experience significant change by using lean tools in the production of real products.

Quality Lab

Learn about role of quality in a lean environment.

Model Warehouse

Acquire skills and learn how to apply lean principles to improve cost, quality and service in a warehouse context.

Model Office

Learn lean-management skills including performance management and value-stream mapping.

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