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Infographic: What is good digital ID?

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Good digital ID is identification that is verified and authenticated to a high degree of assurance over digital channels, unique, established with individual consent, and protects user privacy and ensures control over personal data. Research by the McKinsey Global Institute finds that countries implementing good digital ID could unlock economic value equivalent to 3-6 percent of GDP on average by 2030, making digital ID a potential force for inclusive growth, especially in emerging economies.

But how does this technology work? And how can privacy and security risks be minimized so that individuals receive the maximum benefit?

Learn more about the opportunities, risks, and potential value for individuals and institutions using good digital ID in this infographic.

Infographic: What is good digital ID
Infographic: What is good digital ID

To learn more about digital identification, read the McKinsey Global Institute report, Digital identification: A key to inclusive growth.