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Robotics & Automation

Robotics and automation are dramatically reshaping the global economy. We’re helping clients use the newest technologies to change the way they work.

From delivering faster customer service to better quality products and efficient operations, robotics and automation provide enormous value for organizations that adopt them at scale. Despite this, succeeding in the fast-moving world of automation can be challenging.

Some organizations struggle to capture the real value, focusing on many small wins, which don’t deliver the full potential. Others rely on vendors and end up with “tool proliferation” that confuses the workforce and complicates tasks. And many fall into the IT fallacy—that sustainable automation can be driven by IT alone.

We help clients capture the opportunity from automation by focusing on five practices we believe are essential for successful automation programs:

  • Set a game changing aspiration: target 30 percent–plus impact, and fundamentally restructure the cost base to make it a competitive advantage.
  • Focus on the people: tackle the social implications head on, and retrain and recruit people that will thrive in an automated world.
  • Engage IT: rethink how IT fundamentally engages with the business to deploy and maintain automation at scale.
  • Build in-house capabilities: build the technical and organizational capabilities needed to make automation stick.
  • Systematically capture value: apply automation within broader end-to-end redesigns to ensure full value capture, and sustain value by building a clear target-operating model and moving toward it systematically.

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